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    Lava Iris 100L SW14 20150126 V100 R30270(SPD) Flash file (Lava Iris 100L Firmware)

    Lava Iris 100L Flash File Download. Any mobile Flash file easy download Method.
    Exactly tested.  Download and flash boldly.
    Lava Iris 100L Firmware Download.  Upload By Abdullah Al Masud -Modern Technology
    Lava Iris 100L Flash File I've uploaded.
    Lava Iris 100L Flash File.  GSM NOTE will be helpful enough for mobile repairs.
    Lava Iris 100L Flash File.  Upload GD+MG 229

    File Info

    Mobile Name                 :   Lava Iris 100L SW14 20150126 V100 R30270(SPD) 
    File Name                      :   Lava_Iris_100L_SW14_20150126_V100_R30270(SPD)
    File Size                          :    105.2 MB 

                 GOLD (একই ফাইল বিকল্প লিংক)

    Mobile  : 01633033707