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    Miracle 3.18 Cr@ck Tools Without Box

     Miracle version 3.18 Cr@ck Without Box. Miracle version 3.18 Digital Update (3rd March 2021)
    Now also available in Digital Login Edition. No Need Dongle, No Need Annual Activation. 

    Miracle V3.25-> Google Drive

    MRT 3.95-> Google Drive

    Miracle FRP Tool -> Google Drive

    All In One Driver Download

    Miracle Activation 8800 3500 টাকা
    MRT Miracle Activation 5700 3000 টাকা
    দুইটি একত্রে 14500 6500 টাকা

    All Latest version Supporting. 

    1. Add New MTK CPU Support MT8696/8195/6833.
    2. Add and Improve Disable Auth Support
    3. Improve Redmi Note 8 Boot Support.
    4. Improve VIVO Some Modles Support (MT6765 like Y83,Y95,S1 etc).
    5. Add New MTK Flasher Support (in Android Tab).
    6. Add One Key MTK Exploit.
    7. Improve OPPO A12/A5s etc Support.
    8. Improve MTK Format (Advanced Frp) Add Persist Partition.
    9. Improve Vivo V19 Support.
    10. Fix SPD Boot Error.
    11. Fix check Server Error.
    12. Fix & Improved Some Bugs.

    Supported SoCs
    Mediatek MT6572
    Mediatek MT6735
    Mediatek MT6737
    Mediatek MT6739
    Mediatek MT6755
    Mediatek MT6757
    Mediatek MT6761
    Mediatek MT6765
    Mediatek MT6768
    Mediatek MT6771
    Mediatek MT6785
    Mediatek MT6873
    Mediatek MT8127
    Mediatek MT8163
    Mediatek MT8173
    Mediatek MT8695
    Mediatek MT6761
    Mediatek MT6757
    Mediatek MT6763
    Mediatek MT6580
    Mediatek MT6582

    1.Add MTK Disable No Need Authorized
    Amon Redmi Note 8 Pro Xiaorr Redmi 6A Xiaorr Redmi 6

    Xiaorr Redmi 9 Xiaorr Redmi 10X 4G Xiaorr Redmi 9 Prime Xiaorr Redmi Note 9 Xiaorr Redmi 9A Xiaorr Redmi 9C Xiaorr Mi Play

    2.Add uppo rtealme Reset Meta Mode OPPO Al
    OPPO A8
    OPPO A5s
    OPPO Al lk
    OPPO Al 2
    OPPO Al 2s
    OPPO Al 5
    OPPO A31
    OPPO Realme C2
    OPPO Realme C2s
    OPPO Realme 6
    OPPO Realme 6s
    OPPO Realme Narz
    Oppo Reno 2F
    Oppo Reno Lite
    OPPO Realme 6i
    Oppo Realme 011
    Oppo Realme 012
    Oppo Realme C15
    Oppo Realme C20
    OPPO Realme 3
    VIVO Y3s
    VIVO Y30
    VIVO Y17
    Oppo Models
    Oppo Al Oppo Al lk Oppo Al2 Oppo Al k Oppo Al s Oppo A3 Oppo A31 Oppo A31C Oppo A5s Oppo A73 Oppo A79 Oppo A7n Oppo A8 Oppo A55 5G (Beta)
    Oppo A73 5G (Beta)
    Oppo K7x (Beta)
    Oppo A83 Oppo A83 PRO
    Oppo A91
    Oppo A93 CPH2121
    Oppo A9 Oppo A9x Oppo F5 Oppo F5 Youth
    Oppo F7
    Oppo F7 Youth
    Oppo F9 Oppo F9 Pro
    Oppo F 1 1 Oppo Fl 1 Pro
    Oppo Fl 1 Pro/CPH 2039
    Oppo F15 Oppo R15 Oppo F17 PRO CPH2119
    Oppo Reno Models
    Oppo Reno 2F
    Oppo Reno Lite
    Oppo Reno 2 Pro
    Oppo Reno 2F
    Oppo Reno Lite
    Oppo Reno3 CPH2043 Oppo Reno Z
    OPPO Reno2 Z DS CPH1951 128GB
    Oppo Reno2 Z PCKM70 Oppo Reno2 Z PCKTOO Oppo Reno2 Z PCKM00 Oppo Reno2 Z CPH1945 Oppo Reno2 Z CPH 1951 Oppo Reno2 Z
    Oppo Reno4 Lite CPH2125 Oppo Reno2
    Oppo Reno3 Pro CPH2035 Oppo Reno3 Pro CPH2036 Oppo Reno3 Pro CPH2037 Oppo Reno4 Lite
    Oppo Realme Models
    Realme 6 Realme 6i Realme 6s Realme Narzo Realme 6i Realme 1 Realme 3 Realme 3 Pro Realme 3i Realme C2 Realme C2s Realme 011
    Realme C12 now you
    Realme C15 understand Realme C20 why is best
    Realme X7 Pro Realme X7 Realme Q2 Realme Q2i Realme Q2 Pro Realme V3 5G Realme V15 5G
    Realme 7 5G RMX2111 Realme 7i (Global) Realme Narzo
    Realme Narzo 10 Realme Narzo 10A Realme Narzo 20 Realme C3i
    Realme C3 RMX2020 Realme 011
    Realme C12

    Realme C20 RMX3061 Realme C20 RMX3063 Realme C15 RMX2186 Realme C15 RMX2180 Realme C12 RMX2189 Realme 011 RMX2181 Realme 011 RMX2182 Realme 011 RMX2183 Realme 011 RMX2184 Realme 011 RMX2185 Realme 011 RMX2187 Realme 3i RMX1827 Realme 3 RMX1821 Realme 3 RMX1822 Realme 3 RMX1823 Realme 3 RMX1825

    Last 10 Year

    67000 Facebook Followers

    1.  Add VIVO U20 PD1941/X50/X50 Pro/S1 Pro Factory Reset Supported.
    2.  Add VIVO X27 PD1838/Z5I/Z5/U3 Supported.
    3.  Improve & Add VIVO 40+ Models Supported.
    4.  MTK / QUALCOMM / SPD 350+ Add New Models List.
    5.  MTK Add New CPU 6885/93/53/73 Supported.
    6. Xiaomi Improved & Add 45+ Models Supported.
    7. MTK Add redmi 9 and MTK68XX Supported.
    8. MTK Huawei Add 10+ New Models Supported / MTK / QUALCOMM / SPD Add 260+ New Models Supported.
    9. MTK Add Factory Reset Supported
    10.  MTK Add OPPO F9 Supported
    11. Add New SPD Boot.
    12.  Add Qualcomm New ID’s.
    13.  Improved Some Function for Better Performance.

     Release Note MIRACLE Box & Miracle Thunder V3.18

    1. MTK Add MT6785 Read/Write Support (World’s First).
    2. MTK Add MT6785 Format/Factory Reset Support 
    3. MTK Add Read mobile Info Before Read/Write/Format.
    4. MTK Add Format in Meta Mode.
    5. Android Improve MTK Flasher Tools Add MT6785 Support.
    6.  Android Improve MTK Flasher Tools Update Data Base.
    7.  MTK Improve UI/IMEI.
    8. MTK Improve Auto Format For EMMC.
    9. SPD Add SC9863A Format/Flash Support. (World’s First).
    10. SPD Add SC9863A Read/Factory Reset Support
    11. Improved Some Functions for Smooth Work.
    12. Add Search Model Option.
    13. Qualcomm Improve Write Flash.
    14. Oppo/Vivo Meta Mode Factory Reset Support.
    15. MTK/Qualcomm/SPD 370+ Models Added.

    Only Miracle-> Google Drive
    Only MRT->  Google Drive

    Miracle Activation 8800 3500 টাকা
    MRT Miracle Activation 5700 3000 টাকা
    দুইটি একত্রে 14500 6500 টাকা