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    Winmax BD77 Flash File 100% Tested

    Winmax BD77 Flash File Flash Flash File Download.
    Winmax BD77 Flash File DOWNLOAD Here Working 100% . Upload By Abdullah Al Masud -Modern Technology.
    Winmax BD77 Flash File I've uploaded.  Uploaded to Google Play Store.
    Winmax BD77 Flash File 100% Tested. GSM NOTE will be enough helpful for mobile repairs.

    Flash File Info

     File Name     :  Winmax BD77 Flash File
    Type CPU      : 
    File Size         : bin file 4 MB -> (Downloading .rar file 7.46 MB)

     Waiting for USB Port...
      Set MTK USB Port (COM8)
      Please Hold "ON" to connect with the phone...
      Connected to Phone.
      CPU: MT6261_S0001 Ver: CB01  md:8000
      Downloading Boot7 ...
      Nor/SF Flash Type: NOR_NEW_0113
      Nor Flash Code: 00EF0070(00160000)
      Nor/SF Flash Size: 0x400000 Hex Bytes
      INT/EXT RAM  Size: 0x0+0x0
      The phone information:
      the  file not be encrypted
      Read OK. 
    Winmax BD77 Flash File

    OR (একই ফাইল বিকল্প লিংক)

    Mobile: 01633033707


     ( Do not understand how to download? Take a look at the download process here   or call 01633033707 or 01751886004)