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    WALTON L26 Flash File 100% Tested

    WALTON L26 Flash File Download. Any mobile Flash file easy download Method.
    Exactly tested. Download and flash boldly.
    WALTON L26 Firmware Download . Upload By Abdullah Al Masud -Modern Technology
    WALTON L26 Flash File I've uploaded.
    WALTON L26 Flash File. GSM NOTE will be enough helpful for mobile repairs.
    WALTON L26 Flash File. Upload gsmnfirmware148

    File Info

    Mobile Name        : WALTON L26
    File Name             : WALTON L26 SPRD_SPI_WINBOND_W25Q_4MiB
    Type CPU             : SPD 6531
    File Format           : bin
    File Size                : 11 MB

    Port speed               : 921600
    FDL Flash               : Control transfered!
    Boot Key                 : Call
    Color Macthing       : Any

    Device Connected!
    BootVersion    : SPRD3
    BootSource     :  InternalLibrary
    BootVersion     : Infinity SCR 6531EFM v1.1 (c)2019
    Port speed       : 921600
    FDL Flash         : Control transfered!
    Boot Key           : Call
    Color Macthing : Any
    Boot Done!

    CS0_MEM : SPI : [WINBOND] : W25Q32 : 0x00400000 [ 4MiB ]
    Read Ok, 4194304 bytes
    Saved to : C:\Users\Rajib Telecom\Desktop\New folder\SPRD_SPI_WINBOND_W25Q_4MiB.bin

    Mobile: 01633033707